Virtual Wellness Workshops and Classes

Virtual Offerings

Thai Self Massage

Learn the principles of Thai Massage while opening up the body, releasing tension and lengthening your muscles. Who is missing their weekly/monthly massages? Learn and perform the techniques of self massage from the comfort of your own space.

Vision Board Workshop

A vision board is a visual representation of your goals, dreams and affirmations. These poster-sized visuals contain all kinds of images and texts to allow one to encourage themselves into their desired reality. Both fun and relaxing, this workshop allows participants to get to know themselves and their dreams while practicing mindfulness and goal setting.

Interactive Meal Prep Workshop

Meet your personal Meal Prep Coach who will give you the tools and skills to meal prep regularly and enjoy cooking fabulous, healthy food! You can eat great food, feed yourself and your family well and save time cooking. With this workshop cooking is fun, efficient and empowering. You’ll learn new flavorful dishes and snacks, healthy options and alternatives, proper portion sizes and practical cooking techniques.

Sample Menu: 3 days of lunches, 2 snacks for each day and a breakfast recipe.

This workshop incudes:
– grocery shipping list, recipes and equipment list – you do the food shopping
– learn essential cooking techniques; roasting, searing, steaming, sautéing, how to make soups, stocks, sauces, vinaigrettes, healthy snacks, dips and more
– learn to efficiently prep, cook, freeze and store foods to help them last

4 Pillars of Wellness Workshop Series

Are your employees able to adapt through this time of uncertainty? Join one of our health and wellness experts each week for this one of a kind virtual experience taking you through the 4 pillars of wellness. Each session will consist of a 30 minute talk about the subjects listed below and 20 minutes of stretch and meditation with music.