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Our Services

Design Services

Urbancore collaborates and customizes a variety of wellness spaces tailored to our partner’s budget, location and vision. Our past projects include fitness facilities, studios, prayer rooms, wellness lounges, canteens and sport decks. All projects are completed by Urbancore from start to finish.

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Facility Management

Urbancore and it’s wellness professionals have efficiently and effectively managed a number of programs and spaces across Canada. Our services range from program coordination to staffing and communications in a variety of spaces.

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Wellness Classes / Workshops

Urbancore offers a variety of wellness workshops and programs to over 20,000 tenants and employees across the country. Our team of experts will consult with your tenants/employees to ensure that the right programs are being offered at the right times for an all-around exceptional wellness program experience.

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Urbancore’s bootcamp programs focus on cardio, toning and strengthening. All our indoor facilities are fully equipped with essential machines and props with new techniques introduced each class to challenge your body and maximize results.

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Personal Training

Our Personal Training programs are designed for each individual’s schedule, fitness level and goals. Our certified mobile trainers can come to you or you can visit us at one of our downtown locations. Our personal training programs start with an assessment of injuries, imbalances and health concerns. Using that information, we will develop the best plan for your unique personal goals and a realistic timeline. At Urbancore we’re always listening and ready to help you along in your fitness journey.

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Virtual Offerings

Urbancore offers a variety of interactive online services including wellness challenges, fitness/wellness classes and wellness workshops. Online services are live and provided using the Zoom platform.

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