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In today’s busy urban lives, it’s a struggle for people to beat traffic and reach the office on time. Most professionals barely manage to eat breakfast before heading to work. That is why offices offer canteens to ensure that their employees get fresh food that is delicious, healthy and convenient.

Most modern and desired workplaces today are well known for their efficient canteens that provide fresh, healthy snacks and drinks for their employees. In fact, for a long time Google was known to ensure that it’s employees were within 150 feet of food at all times, which explains it’s micro kitchens that offer beverages and snacks within employees’ direct reach.

Here at Urbancore, we not only ensure to have healthy snacks and beverages for your customers, but we also provide educational workshops and events to provide them with a better understanding of the effects of the food we eat, the importance of work/life balance and how to take effective breaks.

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