Gym / Studio Design

Urbancore has developed a number of functional fitness spaces. These facilities include cardio, strength and functional training space for members of all fitness levels and abilities. We take pride in hand picking each apparatus to provide a safe and effective workout while differentiating our fitness spaces from other fitness facilities. These spaces can host both individual workouts and fitness classes. Ranging from 500 – 5,000 sq ft these spaces are equipped with props, sound systems and state of the art build out for maximum comfort and functionality.

Lounge Design

Urbancore has designed wellness lounges for employees and tenants to sit back, relax and decompress. These spaces can be used to socialize, meditate or indulge in some relaxation. We have outfitted these spaces with green walls and vegetation, essential oil diffusers, a system to play meditation music and sounds, cold water or warm herbal teas, massage chairs and a variety of seating options.

Sports Deck

What is a Sports Deck and why do we play? Our goal at Urbancore is to create a multi-use space for your tenants and employees. The Deck can include everything from seating and lounge areas to a basketball court, badminton court, foosball and ping pong tables. Previous Decks have also included faux grass areas to use for outdoor wellness classes and for individuals to enjoy throughout the day. The benefits of play at work are immeasurable. Play can reduce stress, develop and improve social skills, create stronger relationships, decrease sick days and boosts productivity and creativity.

Canteen Design

In today’s busy urban lives, it’s a struggle for people to beat traffic and reach the office on time. Most professionals barely manage to eat breakfast before heading to work. That is why offices offer canteens to ensure that their employees get fresh food that is delicious, healthy and convenient.

Most modern and desired workplaces today are well known for their efficient canteens that provide fresh, healthy snacks and drinks for their employees. Here at Urbancore, we not only ensure to have healthy snacks and beverages for your customers, but we also provide educational workshops and events to provide them with a better understanding of the effects of the food we eat, the importance of work/life balance and how to take effective breaks.

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