We offer a number of customised workshops that teach participants how to prioritise and enhance their health through simple, effective actions.

  • Nutrition Workshops
    Nutrition workshops are customized to meet client needs and cover a variety of topics such as gut health and ‘cut the caffeine’ education and healthy snack alternatives. Healthy eating workshops examine participants’ food and drink intake during an average day with a focus on developing strategies – food and supplement wise – that foster healthier choices that support fitness goals.
  • Mental Fitness Workshops

    Mental Fitness workshops cover a variety of topics, including:

    – Leadership and Executive Coaching

    – Mindfulness Focus Training

    – Nutritional Detox Counselling on stress and emotional eating

    – Infinite thinking, creative visualization and think-tanks

    – Meditation for stress relief and anxiety

  • Team Building/Workplace Wellness Workshops
    Team Building/Workplace Wellness workshops focus on balancing physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial and business elements to increase impactful leadership, enhance personal and professional performance and optimize employee well-being. All experiences are customized and uniquely created based on the organization or theme for the month.
  • Posturology Workshops
    Posturology workshops provide insight on how to manage back and shoulder pain. These workshops are active, with light exercises and discussion about the muscles that effect most shoulder and back pain. Participants learn what they can do in terms of self-release and stretching to help manage discomfort.
  • Self Defense Workshops
    Self defense workshops teach both men and women how to defend themselves against common chokes, grabs, bear hugs and other attacks. This discipline is learned through various life scenarios by working through high stress drills and reality-based encounters. Individuals are also taught how to safely and effectively fend off attackers using punches, kicks, elbows and knees.

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