Group Training

Group Training is a great option to stay fit, meet new people, or do it with a group of friends.

UrbanCore’s group training sessions are very similar to the one-on-one coaching options we offer. Group training sessions, however, consist of 3-5 people and can be easily carried out in a corporate or home setting. These sessions are perfect for lunch hour sessions or after a long day of work without having the inconvenience of heading out to a gym. The sessions will be customized based on participants’ fitness levels, however the sessions will ¬†incorporate full body circuits to promote fat loss and toning.

Small groups of 3-5 people will allow each instructor to assist each individual participant and correct form and/or posture when necessary.Group exercising under the guidance of a trainer provides constant encouragement and motivation.Group training is less expensive than one-on-one-training with a personal trainer. It's a great way to stay social, keep motivated and jump start a healthier lifestyle.

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