Building Owners & Management

Building Owners & Management
We work with world class building management companies in Toronto and bring wellness programs to tenants who find it difficult to fit physical fitness into their days. It is becoming more competitive across the leasing market and buildings are competing for tenants. Our wellness programs are a valued asset to buildings and have attracted prospective tenants.

Programs we offer:
Self Defense
Boot Camp
Personal Training

To start, we visit the building and assess any unleased meeting/boardroom space. We then provide a complimentary class to assess participant interest. Following, we create a customized package based on a 6-8 week program.

We have two package options:

Urbancore PRO:
Urbancore manages the entire program from advertising to registrations to participant communication, we do it all! Participants purchase packages directly through Urbancore or attend on a class by class basis. Management, you are able to wipe your hands clean of any additional work!

Management PRO:
Property Management will purchase a wellness package of their choice and will provide tenants with the luxury of our wellness classes on a weekly basis. Content, flyers and administrative work will be provided by Urbancore. We are here to support you in every way!