Corporate Wellness

Why Corporate Wellness is an important part of mental health and performance amongst working adults in the world:
Increasing benefit costs are a huge concern for organizations, with stress-related illness one of the most significant contributors to short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) claims in organizations. Mental health and nervous disorder claims for long-term disability represent a significant portion of new claims. Organizations have a vested interest in creating a culture that values and encourages health and vitality. Clearly, employees reap many benefits from proactively managing their health. It also goes without saying that physically and mentally healthy employees are critical to the productivity of any organization.

Who We Serve:

I have been working out approximately twice a week with Lauren Mazur for the past three years. I would not hesitate to recommend to Lauren to any individual, or corporation who is interested in working with her in a professional manner. She is honest, hardworking, organized and extremely knowledgeable about fitness. My personal goals when I started working out with were to lose weight, tone, increase my stamina and build muscle necessary to reverse osteopenia. Lauren has been able to help me to meet and exceed my fitness expectations and I am grateful for her wonderful, inspiring workouts. In three years of training, I have never sustained an injury, and I trust that she does the research necessary to ensure that my workouts are tailored to my specific needs.
Orna Spira, MBA, FMA, FCSI - Investment Advisor