Pilates provides a multitude of benefits to your posture, body and mind.

As humans we breathe on average about 18,000 breaths per day! Breathing is important in the Pilates method of exercise for delivering oxygen to the body as well as supporting blood flow and circulation. Pilates is an exercise trend developed in New York City by Joseph Pilates and soon became all the rage all over the world. With its full body conditioning routine participants will increase their flexibility and build strength and endurance all while maintaining posture and control. Not only is Pilates a great place to start achieving a healthy and active lifestyle it has many other benefits associated with this type of fitness activity.

Pilates promotes improved posture by strengthening the core and easing lower back pain. Fixing these imbalances allows for a taller healthier appearance and less discomfort when standing or sitting for long periods of time in the common work place. Pilates is also another low impact exercise perfect for beginners and a great way to build a foundation for future sport, exercise and even leisure.
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    1 Class a week for six weeks$45
    2 Classes a week for six weeks$68
    3 Mix and Match Classes a week for six weeks $98
    4 Mix and Match Classes a week for six weeks$125

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