Personal Training

Personal training is designed to be flexible around your schedule and your fitness level.

Urbancore offers a number of location options for personal training. Training can be done at our own downtown studio, at the client’s facility, office location, or even outdoors.

Prices range from $50 – $80 per hour based on package and your location.

Each individual will start with an assessment of any previous injuries, existing imbalances, or health concerns. With this information, our dedicated fitness experts will be able to establish client’s unique personal goals, and realistic timelines for their fitness progress. This is an essential component of any successful workout program, as is client-trainer communication. At Urbancore, we’re always listening and ready to help you achieve your individual fitness goals.

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Regular assessments to track progress A full hour of one-on-one fitness coaching Dietary guidance and direction Personalized workout routines that vary with each session; it's our goal to keep our clients engaged and to prevent the body from hitting a plateau.