Indoor Bootcamp Programs

This class focuses on each of the body’s varying major muscle groups and toning each part of the body throughout the class.

The idea behind a Bootcamp is to continually ‘shock’ the body, as research demonstrates that this is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system. With continuous repetition of the same workout, your body eventually gets used to the activity and has to exert less energy to complete it. Essentially, you stop shedding as many calories because you stop exerting as much energy. In order to achieve results, you need to engage your body and challenge it with new exercises. Working with a support group makes it easier to overcome challenges. Positive encouragement from group members and like-minded individuals pursuing the same goal will make it easier to achieve the results you desire.

Details are finalized for this year’s indoor classes. Our facilities are fully equipped cross fit gyms where we will have access to machines (bikes, rowers, racks) & props (kettle bells, medicine balls, free weights and bands) each class will build on one another and incorporate new techniques in each class.



Blast Athletics 374 Dupont St

Monday May 7th – Monday June 11th
Running Every Monday & Thursday


2 x per week (10 classes) $59
Unlimited (combined with outdoor bootcamp) $99

*Please indicate which pass you would like AS WELL AS which days you will be attending*

Payments can be made by email transfer to as well as through our online payment system.

Bootcamp pushes participants harder than they would push themselves. UrbanCore's Bootcamp trainers will gauge your strength, suggest appropriate exercises and motivate you to completion. Bootcamp is a FAST moving program; you'll see faster results due to the intense but effective exercise program.